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"Elephant Baby, seeds of hope"

This collection talks about the importance of growing up in an environment of innocence and tenderness. Our same thing, the tenderness and innocence that still exists in these puppies.

I think we can learn a lot from the elephants and how they educate the little ones. They show us why the love and security in the development of the individual is so important. Love, tenderness and the care of innocence generate strength and trust, not only towards the environment, also in the individual that receives it.

And this, as we see in The Elephants, facilitates growth at all levels of the whole clan. Can we apply this to our society? I think so.

Do you remember that we are mammals?

The technique

Each sculpture is made of pieces of metal mesh, without mold, modeled directly piece by piece and all sewn with metallic thread. It can go without a base, metal base or a stone base: marble, granite.

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