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They say that who contemplates a Colifante no longer returns to be the same.

These beings come from the deepest jungles and virgin places. Its existence was believed legend.

The Colifante, besides being beautiful, is able to drink in the most fragrant and juicy flowers of life.

The Colifante is also a messaging service. When you see one you will know that a blessing is near, they are bearers of good omens and having it close keeps your soul awake and connected with the spirit of nature.

In a world where the word hope and innocence are systematically vetoed from our daily lives, its presence is not only beautiful, it is also absolutely necessary.


I created these creatures from a dream that I had

I obsessed with endowing the bulky body of the elephant with small wings and the ability to fly from flower to flower while leaning with its trunk the most exquisite nectars.

I was inspired by the flight of the hummingbird. The union of more dense with the more subtle.

I think I got it.

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